PITTSBURGH, PA – May 19, 2020 — National Bioskills Laboratories, a leading provider of surgical training facilities, announced today that it has launched a medical-grade remote physician training platform in response to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic. National Bioskills Live Connect™ combines high-resolution video livestreaming from medical devices with real-time, collaborative audio conferencing capabilities specifically designed for physician skills-training. The solution is capable of streaming multiple video outputs from surgical cameras and medical equipment (such as C-arms or ultrasound machines) simultaneously.

National Bioskills Live Connect™ was developed as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic travel restrictions which are preventing surgeons from attending medical education events where they would typically acquire necessary skills and credentials for device use and safety. With travel restrictions expected to last through year-end, Live Connect™ provides device companies, hospitals, and insurers with a real-time, HIPAA-compliant training solution so physicians can obtain required ongoing education to provide safe essential surgical care.

The solution was commissioned by National Bioskills Laboratories’ founders, board-certified physicians with extensive experience in medical training who could not find the medical-grade solution they needed in any existing videoconferencing tools. “As surgeons, our work really is a matter of life or death. We can’t accept lag times, fuzzy images, or unsecured technology. So we designed a medical-grade system to be 100% reliable with razor sharp images and real-time audio, and top-tier security that is HIPAA compliant,” said Douglas A. Hampers, MD, CEO of the company known for its commitment to improving physician learning outcomes. Using cloud-based software and propriety hardware with Intel components from CrowdOptic, the system compresses video files and transmits them securely via enterprise technology protocols for optimized speed, reliability, and scalability, with additional security provided by OneSpan’s Intelligent Adaptive Authentication.

Designed for ease of use, the solution is portable and “plug-and-play.” The necessary hardware components are shipped in a small, protective case to anywhere in the world and can be set up at the host location in less than 20 minutes by non-technical staff. Host users need only a power supply and an internet connection to livestream to remote attendees who log in to a secure web page. Features of the solution include low latency video/audio livestreaming (less than 0.2 seconds), the ability to simulcast streams from any medical equipment with video output, as well as from the included 4K pan-tilt-zoom cameras that can be controlled remotely. It also offers user-friendly options like web cam sharing, screen sharing, annotation, and dial-in phone conferencing. Host companies can stream from as many devices as they need and can hold simultaneous events from different locations.

“Live Connect™ empowers hospitals, medical device companies and insurers to ensure that essential care continues uninterrupted while complying with travel restrictions, social distancing, and HIPAA requirements. There’s nothing else like it for the healthcare market,” concludes Dr. Hampers.

More information about National Bioskills Live Connect™ can be found at: www.nationalbioskills.com/liveconnect