National Bioskills Laboratories Sets Up Third Campus in San Francisco

— JULY 12TH, 2018 — Innovation &Tech Today —

National Bioskills Laboratories (NBL), a surgical training company headquartered in Pittsburgh, has established a third location in San Francisco. The new facility will feature numerous embedded cameras, with streams displayed through 20 LED screens placed throughout the auditorium and training labs. The lab features 25,000 square feet of learning space, and even hosts a billiards table for those who need to unwind. The first operation was conducted on June 23rd.

NBL is emerging as a leader in bioskills training facilities, and, with additional campuses in Pittsburgh and Dallas, the company has established a country-wide reach. NBL’s facilities offer high-tech surgical training by enabling advanced remote monitoring and comfortable learning facilities. The company aims to establish facilities in several major urban areas so doctors and medical students can learn remotely and in comfort.

Using two-way CrowdOptic Livestream technology, NBL is able to deliver real-time streaming of ongoing operations to medical students and physicians. CrowdOptic Intersect technology allows for intelligent streaming and the easy integration of multiple angles. IoT technology enables remote attendees and trainers to view the surgeries and to engage in simulcast training.

Cloud services and single web page viewing also eliminate the need for expensive integrated solutions. This helps keep costs affordable and makes recording easy. Viewers are given access to their own personal training session and are able to rewind and replay at will. Educators can also create training videos and switch between multiple angles to provide their students with the best possible experience. By using Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) servers, NBL can deliver high definition livestreaming from 4K cameras, allowing observers to soak in every detail.

All of these elements combine to offer superior medical training. Students from across the country can observe and learn from ongoing surgeries, while also being educated onsite or remotely by medical professionals. NBL’s facilities are being utilized by both medical students and professionals looking to maintain or improve their skills.

Remote learning is proving to be a tremendous opportunity for professionals and medical students alike. The CrowdOptic system features two-way, real-time audio-visual cameras and microphones that make it easy for in-theater surgeons and in-auditorium observers to interact. This allows for more hands-on engagement, albeit remotely for the audience. Multi-angle playback options also add functionality. The sum result of all of these features is a powerful education system that allows observers to all but be in the room without actually clogging up the tight surgery theater space.

Surgeries are generally intensive, precise affairs, with millimeters or less making huge differences. The operating theaters of yesterday had viewing rooms behind glass. These could be useful for teaching students and professionals, but it was difficult for viewers to see much as they were often several feet from the action, making it hard to take in details. For surgeries, such details are vital for the patient, the surgeon, and also the students. With the CrowdOptic system, viewers can jump right into the middle of the operation.

“National Bioskills is paving the way for innovation in professional clinical education, and CrowdOptic is proud to supply the technology powering NBL’s centers of excellence,” remarked Jon Fisher, CEO. “This latest NBL center, situated in the heart of the technology industry, is showcasing the latest breakthroughs in remote clinical education.”

NBL was founded in 2014 by orthopedist Dr. Douglas A. Hampers and pain specialist Dr. Yeshvant Navalgund. Facilities are equipped with observing rooms, surgery stations, training auditoriums, and various creature-comfort amenities. NBL argues that comfort is just as important for learning as technology. Besides comfortable facilities, NBL can provide catering, arrange hotel rooms, and perform various other activities.

Beyond facilities, NBL is also setting up a Medical Advisory Board staffed with key opinion leaders and surgeons in various surgical fields. This board will ensure that NBL stays at the forefront of both surgery practices and the best learning-enhancing technologies.

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President & CEO

Douglas A. Hampers, MD, MBA

Dr. Hampers is a board certified orthopedic surgeon. He successfully created his own private practice, Reflex Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, in Greensburg, PA in 2009 and was named by the Pittsburgh Tribune Review’s readers as one the top three orthopedic surgeons by 2012. He completed his residency in orthopedic surgery at the University of Pittsburgh, as well as, his sports medicine fellowship under the tutelage of world-renowned surgeon Dr. Freddie Fu in 2004. He was the first person to be accepted into a combined MD/MBA program at Dartmouth College and completed it in 1998. Dr. Hampers was elected in 2012 to serve as a board member for Cardiac Assist (dba TandemLife), an international medical products company based in Pittsburgh, PA, which was acquired by LivaNova (LIVN) in March 2018 for $250 million.


Medical Director

Yeshvant Navalgund, MD

Dr. Navalgund has extensive experience in advancing medical device education and technique. He is a Board-Certified physician in Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine and Assistant Professor, West Virginia University, Department of Anesthesiology, and Adjunct Professor, University of Pittsburgh, School of Anesthesia. He is the author of many publications and serves on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Neuromodulation and is a Founding Member of the Pennsylvania Pain Society. He is also President & CEO of DNA Pain, and a Lecturer and Instructor for numerous national and international companies and societies. His hands-on knowledge of devices and experience as a peer-to-peer educator have helped to develop and customize the wraparound services offered by National Bioskills Laboratories.


Vice President of Operations

James P. Funkhouser (844) 625-5227 Ext. 701

An experienced manager and leader with an early career background in nuclear medicine, Jim Funkhouser oversees the day to day operations and management of our three national facilities and our highly experienced staff. A former Executive Director of the Tomayko Group, his experience with clinical staffing and recruiting means National Bioskills Laboratories hires only the best candidates who excel at providing outstanding service and event planning to our clients. An active Councilman in his local community, Jim’s leadership and organizational skills lend depth to the NBL leadership team.


Chief Financial Officer

Kerry Rice, CPA

With an academic background in Accounting and Economics, Kerry Rice brings more than 20 years of financial experience to National Bioskills. His early experience in accounting and auditing gave him a solid background in the fundamental ways a successful company should operate, after which Kerry went on to work as a research analyst in investment banking. There he strengthened his understanding of how businesses should operate to maximize their full potential, leveraging his knowledge of revenue and spending patterns to develop detailed forecasts. Kerry serves as National Bioskills’ Chief Financial Officer and heads up the company’s financial team.


Facility Manager, Pittsburgh

Kaelin Wiser (844) 625-5227 Ext. 704

With a background in radiology, Kaelin ensures that clients and their physician guests are treated the way they want to be treated: From making sure that specimens and equipment are on-site and training labs are prepped, to ensuring the facilities are sparklingly clean, to assisting guests with event and travel arrangements, Kaelin is responsible for the total comfort, luxury, and safety of attendees, creating a happy, relaxed atmosphere so physician attendees are primed for education and more receptive to learning, leading to better retention, adoption, and patient outcomes.


Facility Manager, San Francisco

Kenneth Thomas (844) 625-5227 Ext. 706

High-energy and talented at providing excellent event planning services while overseeing the many details of our busy San Francisco facility, Kenneth ensures efficient, orderly, and successful training events for all West Coast bookings. In addition to providing NBL’s signature wraparound event planning and customer service, Kenneth applies his background in specimen handling to a passionate commitment to ensuring top-tier standards of safety and credentials for NBL and all its clients, employees, and stakeholders.


Facility Manager, Dallas

Bethany Wright (844) 625-5227 Ext. 709

Extensively trained in all aspects of specimen management, Bethany brings a host of skills and experience to her role as Facility Manager in Dallas. A licensed embalmer, funeral director, and crematory operator and a specialist in anatomical embalming, she employs the highest standards of safety and testing in specimen-handling procedures. In her prior experience at Texas A&M College of Dentistry, she served as Anatomy Lab Manager and Willed Body Program Manager, and has collaborated with professionals across a wide range of industries including law enforcement, professional schools, and the military. Fueled by an ongoing passion for anatomical education, Bethany takes pride in serving the medical community and all donor families by providing excellence throughout every stage of scientific donation and surgical training.

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Operations Manager

Erin Hall

Erin brings extensive background as a surgical technology expert to her role as Operations Manager at National Bioskills. A native of Colorado, Erin holds a degree in Surgical Technology and worked for more than 10 years as a surgical technician, a bioskills laboratory manager, and a lab services coordinator before assuming her current position at National Bioskills. Working closely with the Facility Managers, Erin uses her technological expertise to anticipate client needs and to ensure that every lab runs smoothly. Providing respectful, detail-focused customer service to clients and physicians is Erin’s hallmark and passion.

Sales Representative

Cary Roussel (844) 625-5227 Ext. 700

In her recent professional experience with healthcare networks and wellness program management, Cary energetically developed and implemented new nationwide programs, managing network-provider relationships and fostering win-win outcomes for care providers and patients. With an academic background in Kinesiology and Exercise Science, Cary is a lifelong athlete, learner, and health and wellness advocate, passionate about the life-changing potential of medical devices. With specialized training in sports medicine, Cary brings a comprehensive understanding of the products and procedures involved in shoulder repair, meniscal repair, ACL reconstruction and orthobiologic products. In her early career, Cary garnered experience as an exercise physiologist with a focus on strength and conditioning, wellness coaching, and cardiac rehabilitation.