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Hotels & Accommodations

National Bioskills Facilities are located in prime downtown locations in Pittsburgh, Dallas, and San Francisco, close to hospitals, entertainment, and hotels with a short walk or cab ride. Included in our Wraparound Event Services, experienced Managers will work with you – and within your budget — to arrange for convenient and safe hotel accommodations with all desired amenities to meet the needs of your trainers, staff, and attendees.

At National Bioskills Laboratories, you get wrapround, full-service personalized event planning and execution services for your training events. Experienced managers style and scale every event according to your goals and needs – no matter how large or small. Our staff sees to every detail and ensures the safety, comfort, and luxury of your physician attendees, while Crowd Optics technology creates an optimal training environment and experience. That means better feedback, retention and product adoption for you.

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