PITTSBURGH, PA – June 20, 2018 – Surgical training company National Bioskills Laboratories (NBL) announced today that it is opening a third location this month in San Francisco, establishing a west coast facility and completing the cross-country reach of its labs which include a location in Dallas in addition to its flagship location in Pittsburgh.

Founded in 2014 by two leading surgeons, orthopedist Dr. Douglas A. Hampers and pain specialist Dr. Yeshvant Navalgund, National Bioskills has been successfully building a national network of full-service bioskills training facilities which offer hands on, high-tech surgical training and medical education for physicians through the use of real-time 2-way CrowdOptic® livestream technology.

Based on the founders’ firsthand observations that the medical education experience directly impacts learning, adoption, and healthcare outcomes, National Bioskills provides medical device companies and physicians with full-service planning and execution for hands-on training events in premium facilities that utilize cutting-edge technology. Dr. Hampers and Dr. Navalgund are board-certified physicians and experienced peer-to-peer educators with more than 20 years of work in medical device education and hands-on knowledge of devices and techniques. They have developed hundreds of continuing medical education (CME) courses at medical schools, established private practices, and helped to lead an international medical products company which was recently acquired for $250 million.

“Our intent from the beginning has always been to use the newest and best technology to enhance the educational experience,” says Dr. Navalgund, a leading expert in pain management and surgery. “What we see is physicians coming to our labs looking to learn how to use new medical devices, and after experiencing the hands-on, high-tech learning experience we offer, they leave feeling confident they can return to their practices and perform new procedures without any question.”

National Bioskills Laboratories is the nation’s only bioskills laboratory with an exclusive license to use CrowdOptic® livestream technology. The real-time 2-way audio visual cameras and microphones allow for better real-time hands-on engagement with multi-angle, multi-camera viewing, and also allow remote viewing, remote participation, and post-training video review and multi-angle playback options. The technology also allows the three National Bioskills locations in Pittsburgh, Dallas, and San Francisco, to host concurrent live events for remote collaboration.

In order to stay at the forefront of rapidly changing technology, NBL is also creating a Medical Advisory Board made up of leading surgeons and key opinion leaders in the surgical fields. The board will help to ensure that NBL continues to take advantage of the newest and best learning-enhancing technology in the rapidly changing world of medical devices.

Layering these additional enhancements onto the existing tradition of hands-on training provides more reinforcement of the techniques and devices being used. Beyond the technology, NBL has made a concerted effort to present trainings in new, clean, comfortable facilities with premium amenities.

Says Co-founder Dr. Douglas Hampers, “What separates NBL from a number of other facilities is that this is a physician-founded and physician-focused organization. We knew from our own personal experience that when physicians are relaxed, comfortable, and engaged, they learn better. So we are committed to building new facilities in prime metro areas and offering flexible spaces for working and relaxing, plus full catering and concierge services, so physicians can feel at ease and never have to travel far from home.”

The new San Francisco facility features embedded cameras and 20 LED screens throughout the training labs and auditorium, and more than 25,000 square feet of flexible learning space. The facility will host its first training event on June 23rd. A grand opening event is planned for later in the year.

“Ultimately our work is about creating better lives and better outcomes for patients. We hear every day from surgeons we’ve trained that they have never experienced such robust technological support and such successful, enjoyable training experiences. They are the best-trained physicians in the world,” added Dr. Navalgund.

About National Bioskills Laboratories

National Bioskills Laboratories is a physician-founded, physician-focused bioskills training facility providing wraparound event-planning services for medical device companies, insurers, hospitals, and physicians. Through the power of CrowdOptic® livestream technology, National Bioskills Laboratories implements the newest training techniques and highest standards in hands-on and remote medical education, offering a multi-layered training experience for clients who value improved education and outcomes. Founded by Douglas A. Hampers, M.D., M.B.A., and Dr. Yeshvant Navalgund, M.D., the company specializes in orthopedics, neurosurgery, and pain management, and is headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with training labs located in Pittsburgh, Dallas, and San Francisco. More information is available at www.nationalbioskills.com.


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